What is SEO

SEO – search engine optimization – is the complex of measures that helps your customer to find you using Google, Yahoo, Bing and other searching services.

It’s more than writing some keywords into the text and more than proper titles and descriptions for your pages. Beneath these superficial layers is the real strategy that makes searching robots find, explore and rank every page of your website.

The higher your rank is, the more visitors you get. And some of them become not only visitors but your clients.

Statistically, SEO traffic shows higher engagement and loyalty among the viewers. That’s because you have real target traffic – people who are already interested in your services.

So how SEO works? What does it do? It helps people find you when searching for an answer to their request.

How can we help you drive more sales with SEO Forex, Crypto and FinTech niches?

There are many ways to attract traffic to your FinTech, crypto or Forex website. However, some may think that target ads or PPC can show the best results. Thus, they may cost more and give less since there are some restrictions for financial advertising.

SEO takes a little longer but gives more results in a quarterly perspective with fewer expenses.

So what can we do for you?

SEO Audit and Research

First thing first, to start the optimization, it is necessary to explore the market. That’s not about your competitors’ products, but about how do people find them.

To create the best solution for your business, we can:

Learn about your competitors and their way of search engine promotion

Research your target audience and their search intents

Find the best words from the queries to use in your content and win the SEO race

Analyze your existing website and identify crucial gaps, which slow your ranking down.

Site Architecture

The next step is building the proper site architecture, which means the most convenient space for people to find the required information. And the most suitable space for search robots to crawl and make sure that your content is relevant to users requests.

Here we can:

  • Develop the page architecture
  • Think out the logic of linking between the pages
  • Create convenient categories and sub-categories for straightforward navigation
  • Work with your UI/UX team to make your website attractive to both visitors and search engines.

Logical structure and intuitively understandable navigation are essential not only for your visitors. It also helps your business to build in-site funnels and lead your customers to required action.

Writing and Optimizing Content – Quality, Intent & Freshness

Content – is the core of any website. Especially when it comes to your product site. Text, pictures and video, all those things that fill your pages – that’s all that people see before the first interaction. That is the reason why we pay a lot of attention to content creation:

  • We make sure that content is relevant to the intent
  • We create an engaging structure, making people stay and learn all to the very end
  • We help you to localize content and make it attractive and understandable for any geo you aimed at.

One more point: both people and search robots love renewable content. We are committed not only to create but also to refresh every page we work on.

Technical Optimization, an Important and Integral Part of SEO

The world goes mobile. Smartphones’ owners generate more than half of traffic now. We help you to optimize your website so that it will be convenient for mobile searchers. The second thing we work on is the speed of the page’s launch. None wants to wait for an eternity to see. If the user (and search robot) does not have immediate access – the site will lose them. We’re here to prevent these kinds of losses.

Links and Link Building – Improve Your Link Profile

The next step is building the proper site architecture, which means the most convenient space for people to find the required information. And the most suitable space for search robots to crawl and make sure that your content is relevant to users requests.

How can we help in this case?

  • Find relevant donors for your site
  • Create expert content with an in-built link
  • Expand your link profile with eternal links.

All these measures are good for SEO. They also help to raise your brand awareness and find new visitors somewhere else but search service.

Elements of Trust – Tips to Build More Trust

Trust is the thing brand should deserve. But, how can it be done before the real intersection with the product? For users and robots, several nuances point to site trustworthiness.

  • Real authors. People trust people, so the real writers with names and faces should create content for you
  • Transparent and clear terms and technical page. People and robots love to understand what they read
  • Real addresses, contacts and information about your FinTech company are essential too.

We can help you create or improve your elements of trust to build strong relations with your visitors and clients.

What is Forex SEO?

SEO for Forex niche – is one of the best ways to make your brand not only visible but trusted and visited. In this high-competitive market, every Forex broker fights for traffic and recognition.

Here are five points at which Forex SEO marketing can be helpful:

More traffic.
When your site is high-ranked, you’ll get more than the competitors down on the SERP page when you are at the top.
Growth of ROI

The longer you use SEO, the less you fund in it. But, at the same time, the longer SEO works, the more visitors and clients your business has.

Brand recognition

With the SEO for Forex, you can become the primary source of the required information, so your brand will become an expert in the eyes of your audience.

Economic efficiency

You don’t need to waste your time and budget on cold phone calls or expensive target ads. Instead, placing Forex keywords into your content will attract the traffic of the audience, which is already looking for information or service you get.

Positive side effects

SEO forex helps your website be convenient and valuable for the audience. It makes the, stay longer at your site. The more time of engagement – the higher chance of required action to be done.

What is Cryptocurrency SEO?

SEO for the Crypto niche – is a powerful tool to stand out from competitors. There are tons of info about the continually growing market, so your business should become visible, even hype, to survive. Here is where SEO for cryptocurrency and blockchain can help.

Blockchain & crypto SEO is the way to achieve more sustainable results in the medium to long term by focusing on the highest quality organic traffic.
But why SEO for crypto niche? There are several reasons:

  1. When it comes to crypto ads, you can face some restrictions in Google and Facebook. But there are no limitations for search requests that contain crypto keywords!
  2. Suppose you are aimed at the interested audience, cryptocurrency SEO and blockchain SEO at your service. First, you’ll get all those who came to Google to ask the crypto-question. Second, by expanding your link profile, you’ll find new donors not for links only but for traffic too.

What is FinTech SEO?

SEO for the FinTech niche helps you get visible and attractive. Financial Technologies is one of the most searchable topics among Millenials. That’s why the market is highly competitive. It’s a common side effect for all popular themes.

SEO for FinTech not only helps find proper FinTech keywords. It also helps to rank higher thanks to:

  • Convenient site architecture
  • Strong link profile
  • Active SERM work
  • Expert content creation

Don’t miss your chance to get to the SERP top with SEO fintech marketing and achve the result your business deserves!

What can You Expect Working with SEO.FOREX

Working with us, you can get the best services and tools to strengthen your business. Our experience in the financial market allows us to create the winning SEO strategy and show the best result in terms of ROI and traffic acquisition.

Deep Expertise in Financial Niches

We have worked with financial and crypto companies for 13 years: we started before it became mainstream.

Expert Content You Can Be Confident in

We have more than 50 writers specialized in financial topics. That’s why we can deliver relevant content in 12+ languages.

Monthly Repetitive Keyword and Trend Analysis

We never live the work as-is. Since we start cooperation, we check trends and market opportunities monthly to refresh your content and expand your options.

Support and Technical Support

We can help not only with the SEO strategy but also with technical optimization. That’s why most our partners delegate their SEO tasks to us.

Monthly Repetitive SEO Audits

There are no limits to getting better. That’s why we check all changes in algorythms and create recommendations for further optimization.

Monthly Report

You will receive reports monthly to track all the result and changes. Then, having the whole picture in front of your eyes, you can estimate the SEO strategy efficiency and optimize your budgets.